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Generations in the Health Workforce

Question: Discuss about the Generations in the Health Workforce. Answer: Introduction: In general, health workforce is classified in four generations like Traditionalists born before 1945, Baby Boomers born before 1965, Generation X - born before 1980 and Millennials (Gen Y) born after 1980. Traditional workers established themselves as most loyal workers. They perform their work with dedication and they are risk free. Their collaboration ability is excellent and they have healthy commitment for teamwork. Their interpersonal communication is excellent. Traditional are the wealthy population because of their inclination towards conservation of wealth. Baby boomers give their highest priority towards work as compared to the personnel life. They generally suspect rules and policies of the higher authority and management of the organization. Their values and characters were influenced by civil rights activities and inflation. These workers are open for change as compared to the earlier generation workers. At the same time, they chase for the personnel gratification. It exhibits power in these types of workers. Most of the workers of this generation are not in wealthy condition due to fall of marketplace during their period. Generation X workers are considered as the idler workers. These workers always put question mark on the policies of the authority. Workers of this generation are technically strong and they are more independent as compared to the prior generation workers. Generation X workers give less priority to work and they are not at all dedicated towards their work. Skill development ability of these workers is excellent and they are ready to take new challenges. They adapt to job very early. Millennials are the first global centric work force. Millenials are considered as the most educated group of work force till date. Millennials are excellent in team work (DelCampo et al., 2017; Johnson, 2012). Intergenerational Workforces: These all four generations of workforce has different qualities and approach of working. Hence, integration of all the workforces in healthcare organization would give balanced workforce for the organization. Different types of jobs to be performed in the organization can be effectively carried out with this type varied expertise. Traditional and baby boomers are very loyal in their job and generation X millenials are extremely good in technical knowledge. Organization with the incorporation of these types workers can perform technically advanced work by maintaining loyalty to the organization and management (Clipper, 2012). Organization with incorporation of all these generations can implement work experience and management strategies of different generation. With the integration of different generations, there can be improved decision making in the healthcare organization. Because these employees from different generations can have experience of different patient cases. With the in tegration of workforce from different generations, succession planning can be effectively implemented in the healthcare organization. Specifically, in case of healthcare workforce incorporation of people with different expertise is very important. This is because healthcare force needs to work and take care of people with different age group. These people with different age group require workforce from different generations. Hence, integration of workforce in healthcare services can effectively handle varied activities in the healthcare organization. These workforces of different generations can develop generational competence with patients of different age group. These employees should be aware of generational understanding and should participate in specific mentoring programme. These employees should develop communication skills based on the generational sensitivity (Johnson Johnson, 2012). These workforces also maintain strong generational foundation for the organization. Availability of workforce from different generations can be helpful in evaluating intergenerational differences and recruitment of the employees from the useful generation. This targeted recruitment of the employees would definitely be helpful in improving productivity of the organization. This targeted recruitment can also be useful in connecting job profile of the employees to the mission and goal of the organization. With the availability of workforces of different generations, their work experience and interactions can be documented in the form of book. This book can be used for the future generations as a reference. To build strong organizational foundation, organization should implement different retention strategies for these employees from different generations. Management should provide flexible work options, educational and career development programme and additional income opportunities. In tegration of workforce from different generations can build balanced talent pool in the organization and surely give competitive advantage over other organizations. Employee stability in the organization also reduces the recruitment cost and expenses for training purpose of new employees (Krail, 2005; Sherman, 2005). Ethical Considerations: While maintaining the integration of diverse workforce, organization should also maintain employee ethics. Maintenance of employee ethics comprises of distinguishing between right and wrong employees. Distinction of right and wrong employee can be decided upon the work and behavior of the employee. Management should consider the honesty, fairness, integrity and loyalty of the employee at the time of determining ethics of the person. Any employees negative attitude toward organization like Generation X and millenials should not be considered as unethical from management point when that particular employee is giving productive output to the organization. Management should be ethical by giving equal importance to all generation employees. Management should have specific strategy and rules for maintaining harmony among the different generation of employees. Management should not make any bias in giving rewards and promotions to the different generations of employees. If management of the organization feels any one generation is not useful for the organization, then management should take planned and stepwise action to eliminate this generation employees. In such scenario, management should not take sudden action against this generation of employees (Krail, 2005; Sherman, 2005). Structure of Organization: Running an organization with different generation of employees require expert in the human resource department. This human resource personal should be from healthcare department. Human resource personal can identify healthcare staff with specific skills required for organization and it would be helpful in improving patient care. Human resource personal can identify exact expectations of the employees of the all the generations and try to fulfill these expectations. Human resource person can segregate expectations of the employees of different generations and act specifically on each of the expectations. Fulfillment of these expectations of the employees builds trust and positive attitude in the employees. These developments in the employees can improve teamwork, partnership building and overall productivity of the organization. This recruitment process is useful in capacity building of the healthcare organization by knowledge transfer and best practice inventory (Sherman, 2006; Krail , 2005). Human resource personal should forecast the human resource requirement of the organization based on the evidence of existing four generations of employees. This forecast by the human resource personal is helpful in designing long term planning for the human resource. Along with evidence based evaluation, human resource personal should evaluate employees based on the population based and system based. All these evaluations by the human resource personal are helpful in maintaining optimal demand and supply of the employees in the organization. Human resource personal should take feedback from the healthcare manger about the requirement of the human resource. This can be helpful for the human resource personal to select employee from the specific generation (Jones et al. 2016). Human resource personal should consider external factors like competitiveness form other organizations, global economic climate, labor laws and upgradation of technology for maintaining best human resou rce for future of the organization. Human resource personal should also consider economic status of the organization, manpower requirement of the organization and organization structure for maintaining best human resource for future of the organization (Hart, 2006). Productivity: Productivity of the healthcare organization can be effectively increased by collaborating with educational and training institutes. This type of training helps organization to produce more number of employees in specialized areas with highly advanced techniques. Content of these training programmes should be changed according to the changing needs of the healthcare sector. This up gradation in the training programmes would be helpful in matching global standards and improving competitiveness of the organization. Approach of these trainings for health professionals should be interdisciplinary. Because health profession is an integration of services from different professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacist and social workers. Through interdisciplinary training approach productivity of workforce can be increased and more output can be obtained with existing number of employees. Productivity of healthcare organization can also be improved by collaborating public and private organizat ion. As public and private organizations have different manpower structure and infrastructure, these facilities can be exchanged (Sherman, 2005). Workforce Flexibility: Participation of the workforce in the job is generally measured by the number of hours spent on that particular job. In such case, flexibility of work at work place is neglected. However, productivity of the organization can be increased by providing flexibility in the job. Productivity of an employee should not be measured by calculating number of hours spent, but it should be measured based on the output obtained. There should be acknowledgement and rewards for the employees for working extra hours. Flexibility in the working hours can give employees freedom to maintain proper work and personal life balance. This would definitely build strong positive between employee and employer. It is very useful in increasing the productivity of the organization. Improving the working conditions is one of the important factors for improving productivity of the organization. This improvement in the working conditions would help employees to perform their duties in smooth manner. All the requirem ents for taking care of the patients should be properly arranged and proper space should be there to keep them. In such case employees conserve their energy for performing nursing services, instead of wasting their energy in finding the requirements. There should proper work distribution among the employees based on their skills (Sherman, 2006). There should flexibility for the employees to choose their work based on their capabilities. This can improve the interest and confidence of the employees. As a result, there is overall increase in the productivity of the organization. There should be flexible option for the employees to re-enter the organization after the long personal leave. This reduces the cost of recruitment of new employee and also it reduces training cost. Healthcare service is very complex service and most of the healthcare workforce interdependent on each other for caring the patients. In such scenario, organization should give flexibility to the employees to perfor m task of other employees also. This improves exchange of knowledge and skills among the employees of four generations (Johnson Musch, 2012). Rewards and Recognisation: As priorities of all these different workforces are different, it would be very difficult for the management to hold for the top talent. Most of the traditional workers are retired now, baby boomers are looking for the post-retirement career, generation X workers are expecting challenging but balanced work and millennial are expecting high salaries in exchange of technologically high input. It is difficult for the management to hold talent by giving high salary and excellent medical benefits. Management should implement unique strategy for each generation to hold them back in the company (Thrall, 2005). Different rewards and recognisation should be given differently to these four generations. Traditional and baby boomer should be given recognisation mainly in the form of certificate of appreciation. On the other hand, generation X and millennial should be given rewards in the form of promotions and money incentives. Millennial employees should give training about the organizational culture and mission. Experienced employees of traditional and millennial employees should be recognized by giving them mentorship role (Saber et al., 2016; Tourangeau et al., 2015). Conclusion: Even though, these four generations are from different time period, these workers have some common similarities. These similarities include learning and development opportunity, prospect of promotion in the company, respect and recognisation from the company, good quality of life, good compensation, similar type of work with similar or very less resources and supportive environment. Along with these similarities, these four generation works also have differences. They have dissimilarities in communication styles and attitude towards higher authority. Incorporation of the four generations in the healthcare workforce is the very much required because healthcare services require workforce of diverse nature. Healthcare service is very diverse and integration of the diverse people is very much required in the healthcare services. Integration of four generations in the healthcare services is not an easy task. These four generations have different values and principles. Satisfaction of requ irements of all these employees under one roof requires special efforts from the human resource personal. Human resource personal should make proper planning and strategy for holding four generations employees. It has been observed that integration of the four generation of employees proved fruitful for the healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations should give flexibility in working, generation specific rewards to retain all these employees for the future and also to improve the productivity of the organization. References: Clipper, B. (2012). The Nurse Manager's Guide to an Intergenerational Workforce. Sigma Theta Tau. DelCampo, R. G., Haggerty, L. A., Knippel, L. A. (2017). Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce: From the GI Generation to the Millenials. Routledge. Hart, S. M. (2006). Generation diversity: Impact on recruitment and retention of nurses. Journal of Nursing Administration, 36(1), 10-12. Johnson, J. A., Musch, S. (2012). Multi-Sector Casebook in Health Administration, Leadership, and Management. Cengage Learning. Johnson, J. A. (2012). Introduction to Public Health Organizations, Management, and Policy. Cengage Learning. Johnson, M., Johnson, L. (2012). Generations, Inc.: From Boomers to Linksters--Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work. AMACOM: A division of American Management Association. Jones, K., McLoughlin, M., Brown, S., Warren, A., et al. (2016). Meeting the needs of four generations of nurses. Nursing Times, 112(21-23), 12-5. Krail, K. A. (2005). Retaining the retiring nurse. Nurse Leader, 3(2), 33-36. Saber, D.A., Anglade, D., Schirle, L.M. (2016). A study examining senior nursing students' expectations of work and the workforce. Journal of Nursing Management, 24(2), E183-91. doi: 10.1111/jonm.12322. Sherman, R. (2006). Leading a Multigenerational Nursing Workforce: Issues, Challenges and Strategies. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 11(2), 2. Sherman, R. O. (2005). Growing our future nurse leaders. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 29(2), 125-132. Thrall, T. H. (2005). Retirement boom? Hospitals Health Networks, 79(11), 30-38. Tourangeau, A.E., Wong, M., Saari, M., Patterson, E. (2015). Generation-specific incentives and disincentives for nurse faculty to remain employed. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 71(5), 1019-31.

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Challenges in the External Environment of Starbucks Essay Example

Challenges in the External Environment of Starbucks Paper An example of this is that in the market that Cataracts operates in, there are many substitutes which can entice consumers into other businesses. As mentioned before, with the introduction of coffee machines and instant coffee, consumers can quickly make coffee rather than go out of their way to find a Cataracts. Furthermore, using the UK as an example, rival businesses offer an easy substitute. With other similar businesses like Costa, offering products at a similar quality and price it is easy for Cataracts to lose customers, but also gain them at the same time. This can be of strategic importance to Cataracts, as a reconsideration of choice if something goes wrong can influence a customer to move to a rival. Being a fairly easy market to penetrate, Porters Five Forces also suggest that Cataracts could face challenges in its business environment. Using technology that isnt patented just to the Cataracts franchise means that if a new business was to penetrate the market it would be easy to produce an almost identical product to that of theirs. With the right financial background and a good pricing strategy, Cataracts could face rivalry from a new competitive opponent. So, because once a new firm has successfully entered the market it can easily gain access to the same technology and produce similar products, possibly the only thing protecting Cataracts is its image and already established name thus showing a challenge that is of current strategic importance. As previously stated, Cataracts has high competition in its market. Due to this great level of competition, price wars are commonly in place having to match their rivals. We will write a custom essay sample on Challenges in the External Environment of Starbucks specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Challenges in the External Environment of Starbucks specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Challenges in the External Environment of Starbucks specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This can be seen as a challenge in Cataracts business environment as it could hen in turn drive down profits and profit margins as they try to increase, or as a minimum, maintain their share of the market. Although it could be easy for a new business to enter the market, because Cataracts has such a high market share they would be almost exempt from any threat. Having already built a reputable corporate image and with vast experience in the market, it would be extremely hard for a new entrant to straight away offer much competition. If the market is dominated by a small amount of fairly large suppliers rather than numerous fragmented sources, a suppliers bargaining rower is more than likely going to be high. However, even though suppliers do have power it is often capped to a certain level. Using Cataracts as the example, with such a renowned name and an increasing productivity it means that the coffee beans need Cataracts as well. Additionally, because Cataracts has a range of suppliers of coffee beans coming from South America, Asia and Eastern Africa it means that even if one supplier was to pull out for a reason they could still resort to the other suppliers. This doesnt go to say however, that because Cataracts has a range of suppliers that they can underestimate the power that they to control and limit the amount of coffee beans exported. Due to this reasoning, the bargaining power of the suppliers can and always will be a challenge in Cataracts business environment, and is of current strategic importance. The bargaining power of buyers also ought to be considered when looking at the relation between Porters Five Forces and the business environment along with the market Cataracts operates in. The buyers or consumers, at the end of the day are the key things that keep a business running. In this market it has already been demonstrated that the errs do have the power in theory- according to the five forces proposed by Porter- to control the price of the products. The point that the products arent entirely differentiated, buyers cost of switching to a competitors product is low, the shopping cost is low and buyers are price sensitive means that the buyers seem to have lots of power. In reference to the differentiation segment in Igor Nations matrix (a new product, entering a new market) it doesnt seem as if Cataracts products differ from that of its competitors. This perhaps gives the buyers power to switch over to a competitor offering animal products, because the cost of switching to the alternative is of low cost, and the buyers are price sensitive so will take up the opportunity to do so. This suggests that buyers have power in the market, and because they keep the business running it is of strategic importance for Cataracts to look at this potential problem in their business environment. One of Cataracts many strengths is their established brand name. Because they have such a reputable name, it means that perhaps new consumers may go straight to them rather than competitors when Cataracts decide to expand into a new egging or country. This in turn, means that Cataracts could afford to spend less on advertising when expanding because the recognition by the customers is more likely to already be there. Another strength that Cataracts possesses is the use of high technology in the stores. Using it as an attempt to generate a larger customer base, Cataracts have installed high speed internet in a vast majority of its stores. This makes It ideal for business men, amongst others to gain access to the internet in a relaxed environment, encouraging them to stay longer and perhaps buy more from Cataracts. The use of pre aid cards and an online store, selling coffee machines, tea bags and ground coffee beans is another example of technology used by Cataracts. This is a strength as, even if a customer doesnt shop in store they can buy from online. Another possible strength portrayed by Cataracts is a range of high quality products. An ever increasing range of hot beverages and foods means shows innovation within Cataracts, which is vital in keeping customers hooked. Cataracts also faces a few weaknesses as well, including the high prices it sets on its products. With rivalry businesses in abundance and a high rice due to a rising cost of production, when buying fair trade coffee beans the increase Of price may have a direct effect on the pricing strategy. This could then lead to falling sales and loyalty of the customers. Other weaknesses may include an almost, self-cannibalistic like effect on itself. Due to shops being located within a short distance of each other in major cities Cataracts can be seen to have taken customers from itself in the past. But surely as long as Cataracts are getting the customers, it shouldnt matter should it? Well, because the stores are in abundance and short distance of ACH other, it means some stores wont perform as well as others. The cost of running the stores that arent as high performing as the others is very high, and means that Cataracts may need to reconsider their marketing mix. Possible opportunities that could come from the strengths could be that, it would be easier for Cataracts to expand abroad without facing as many discomposes of scale because of their reputable name in the market. It can be argued however, using China as an example that social problems may overcome the brand name when trying to expand highlighting a problem Cataracts could encounter making it of strategic importance. Another opportunity could be the expansion into retail operations, by selling coffee machines, beans and tea online to customers furthermore expanding their market. This could increase the financial status after diversification. Having looked into, and evaluated the challenges in Cataracts business environment there are possible solutions that could solve them. In regards to the ageing population, Cataracts could possibly create an environment in its stores that cater for more than one age group. This could be reached by possibly putting suggestion boxes in all stores, so they know what to look for. The social problem faced when expanding could possibly be solved according to Porters diamond (M. Porter, The Competitive Advantage of Nations, 1990). Because the product is of higher demand in the home country of the firm, it should probably choose where it expands very carefully and pull out to achieve success. With the economic problem of a low disposable income faced by customers and an increase of rivals due to an increase in technology, Nations matrix would suggest that Cataracts diversifies to fight Off the rivalry. Cataracts were to perhaps enter a new market customers could be willing to Penn money on their goods. To solve the environmental challenges when importing coffee beans, the SOOT analysis would suggest to keep good relations with the suppliers and if possible, increase the spread of where they are sourced. This would then lower the threat of decreased materials is bad harvests are reported. To counter act the problem of rivalry in the market, Nations matrix again would suggest diversifying to enable Cataracts to offer something different capturing the attention of the customers. In order to solve the weaknesses and threats of the business, most frameworks offer the same solution. This would be to concentrate on the marketing mix and the way the company is internally run (structure) this would enable the business to see when and when not to expand. The best solutions for the company for the challenge of the ageing population would probably be conduct research, both primary and secondary to enable them to see how they can cater for different age brackets. This would be suffice as it is getting information from the customers themselves, and should help Struck to excel. In regards to the social problems, maybe Cataracts should reconsider their pricing strategy within different areas to keep the customers happy. With such large populations, these kinds of markets do offer potential if the pricing strategy is right and if Cataracts can correctly grasp the culture. Diversification would be the answer to solve the economic, technological and competition challenges. The offer of different products, such as coffee machines and buying online could help Cataracts to enter a new market, increasing the chance to pull away from competitors and solving the economic problems. With environmental challenges it is vital that Cataracts should keep good relations with, and a variety of suppliers. To conclude, although Cataracts is an international business, the research shows that even these huge businesses do face challenges. With the solutions mentioned above, Cataracts should be able to succeed in getting rid of the challenges. Primary and secondary research methods are both a good way of determining what is needed to be done in order to please the customers. As Cataracts would receive first hand opinions, then maybe they could perhaps work on the problems and satisfy the customers. This would need to be done because the buyers in this certain market have a lot of power and determine the productivity and success of a rim. When expanding, the pricing strategy is very important as economies differ in different countries as demonstrated in China. With careful reconsideration of the culture and price, countries like China could prove to be wise investments. When looking at the problems encountered in the competition, technology and economy diversification although risky at times is the answer. It allows the firm to expand into a new market, increasing the chances of enabling them to decrease the level of which competition faced by rivalry firms. Because coffee beans play such a vital role in how Cataracts reforms, it is key that they keep a good relationship with their suppliers in case any environmental problems were to occur and they got cut off.

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Reading The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 6-10 Def and Notes Essay Example

Reading The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 6 Reading The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 6-10 Def and Notes Paper Reading The Prince and the Pauper Chapter 6-10 Def and Notes Paper Essay Topic: The Prince A __________ is a male servant whos in charge of other servants. Butler ________ is another word for annoy. pester When you walk with heavy steps, you are _________. lumbering Something that is thick and sturdy is _________. stout A _________ is a large, flat boat that travels on rivers. barge Something that is very large is ________. vast When you are sorry about something that happened, you ________ that thing. regret When you make somebody believe something, you __________ the person that what youre saying is true. convince When you are __________ about something, you dont really believe it is true. suspicious A __________ is a rude and rough person. ruffian Who might try to poison a prince? Someone who wants to be king. What is the Lord Chief Diaperers job? To put napkins on the prince. Why were the servants unable to help when Toms nose began to twitch? There wasnt a chief nose scratcher. Why was the book such a prize for Tom? It could teach him how to behave around royal people. Why was John Canty mad at Edward? Because he hadnt brought home any money. What did Toms mother think was wrong with her son? He had been reading to much. What did Toms mother begin to think after John and Edward left the room? Maybe Eward was not her son. Where did John tell Edward to go if the two got separated? To the far end of the London Bridge. Why did Edward want to punish Tom? Because he thought Tom had taken advantage of him. How was the princes barge decorated? With large shields and silk streamers. The _________ greeted Tom and the others inside Guildhall. Mayor of London Miles went to __________ to buy clothes for Edward. London Bridge The messenger inside the hall announced that the king was ________. dead The Cantys had to pay ________ pennies for rent. two

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How did Technology connected our modern society together (such as Research Paper

How did Technology connected our modern society together (such as Iphone) - Research Paper Example This paper casts light upon the fact that IT has removed the distance barriers and the world is converging to a common culture. This is mainly the culture introduced by IT products which are used all over the world. It is interesting to mention that many of these products are outcome of combined efforts of experts from various countries of the world. An example is iPhone. It is the superb invention of the modern age which has connected the entire world in a unique way. iPhone is the invention of Apple Computers, a well known brand in the field of computer technologies. It is a smart phone which contains uncountable features in it. iPhone is based on advanced technology. The idea was conceived by Steve Jobs (Imbimbo 6); it was materialised by Apple Computers, which is located in California, USA. Apple Computers required certain other gadgets for its production, like the mini size camera, handsets, display screen, sound system, special software and many other things. Apple Computers invited the participation of many other business entities to design this wonderful product. Finally, the display screen was imported by Japan or Korea. The final product was assembled in China and was launched for sale in the global market. The credit for inventing this beautiful product is given to Apple Computers for conceiving its idea, but they also have given due credit to all the countries and companies from which they imported the material. It is because the idea of iPhone was materialised with the help of the gadgets imported from the various domains. iPhone is an amazing product which has captured huge market all over the world. It attracted youngsters as well as businessmen. This product is unique in the sense that its target market encompasses various groups and people of many professions. It is not the need yet it is felt no less important than the basic tool nowadays.

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Judges as Tribunals of Fact Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Judges as Tribunals of Fact - Essay Example Criminal Justice Act of 2003 sought to remove the right to trial by jury for cases involving jury tampering or complex fraud. The provision for trial without jury is to circumvent jury tampering and came into force in 2007. However, some people have argued that this is in contravention of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights is a provision of the European Convention which protects the right to a fair trial. It is argued that trial by the jury protects public interest immunity hence it is in conformity with Article 6. Jury tampering is the crime of attempting to influence the composition decisions of a jury during the course of a trial. This crime can be committed by attempting to discredit potential jurors to ensure they will not be selected for duty. Once selected, jurors could be bribed or intimidated to act in a certain manner on duty. It could also involve meeting them against the law for the purpose of introducing prohibited outside information and then arguing for a mistrial. There had been several reported jury tampering cases in the past which necessitated this change in trend. The jury plays the role of fact finding and leaves the interpretation of the law to the judge and instructing the jury accordingly. The jury will render a verdict on the defendants guilt, or civil liability. Work of the juries is often justified as they are considered to leavening the law with community norms. Usually if the jurors find the law to be invalid or unfair, they may acquit the defendant, regardless of the evidence that the defendant violated the law.

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Distribution Strategy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Distribution Strategy - Case Study Example An online platform will allow us to distribute the product across the county with ease and with relatively low cost-related dynamics. We will create an easy-to-maneuver website where customers can access information pertinent to the product as well as buy products at the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Aside from the website, we will develop a smartphone application with an easy to use interface which will increase our competitiveness. Statistics document a large number of the county residents are technologically savvy and have access to mobile phones and computers. This works to our advantage. Increasing the number of distribution channels ensures a greater customer base, increased productivity and enhanced profit-making potential. Therefore, to increase sales volumes, we will employ services of sales representatives, intermediaries, local distributors and incorporate direct distribution methods in our distribution strategy whenever necessary so as to increase accessibility of Old-Timer.The firm has already made provisions to purchase 5 delivery vehicles to facilitate transportation. These vehicles will be strategically scheduled to commute and avail the product to all markets. Through establishing strategic partnership with key players in the industry, we will ensure that our product is in supply stores, supermarkets, established care centers and nursing homes countywide. Our target market is specifically women aged above 35 years and the younger generation willing to purchase the product for their parents.

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Rawls Notion of the Political and the Realism View

Rawls Notion of the Political and the Realism View Bree Dela Rosa   Rawls Political Concept and the View Associated with Realism Introduction John Rawls in his work sought to capitalize on the concept of justice; enabled by his exploration on The Theory of Justice. As discussed by Rawls, the bone of contention when it comes to the aspect of the truth is that; the principles of justice in the structural dimension of the society are the main guidelines.[1] Getting back to the main idea which is the political aspect, there is an intertwine between the concept of justice and the political aspect. Rawls noted that to attain an upper hand in the political arena; there is a collision with the discussed principles of justice.[2] On the liberties that the citizens of a particular country are endowed to; political independence is one of the same. Political freedom gives a citizen the right to participate in a voting exercise, and also, can be a participant in elective public positions.[3] Political liberty is one of the political reasons that the same citizens get to enjoy. Realism, as highlighted, is a phrase that enjoys a broad ra nge of definitions.[4] The different usage it has is in the various areas such as; art, moral philosophy, politics among others. It is important to note that realism involves adorning in a particular attitude towards the world, to focus on the most salient dimensions of a given situation, whether or not they conform to our preferences or desires.[5] Through the in-depth study of the film Glory, it shall be possible to determine the differences that exist between the political aspect and realism. The shared thoughts of Rawls opined that a society based on ideologies of politics is that where the citizens get to enjoy the outlined political liberties which are free from ambiguity.[6] All the people despite their political inclinations, races, sexual orientation or even religious affiliations are to enjoy these political rights. However, in the Edward Zwick-directed film Glory, this is not the case. There seemed to be some alienation when it came to the enjoyment of the liberties endowed to the citizens and especially those partaking in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.[7] All the soldiers and army personnel participating in the field were bound to receive their provisions and personal effects from their heads charged with that duty by the government. Robert Shaw in the film Glory unearthed that black soldiers were discriminated upon and even denied basic items such as the shoes. It is important to know that as determined by a particular author; realism is frequently employed as a term to describe approaches that focus on the sources, modalities, and effects of power.[8] Therefore, realism augurs easily with the various slots whether in leadership or the political arena. Besides, realism aligns to the realpolitik, which is a subject of both the military and political power and which finds unworthy the steps that would bring changes that ensure that there is progress on the global front.[9] In the film Glory, there are obvious stumbling blocks to the initiation of the changes that would provide the relative deduction of the racism menace and the ill treatment of the slaves. The federal government was itself, in fact, paying the black soldiers lesser amount compared to that given to the white soldiers.[10] The soldiers under the command of Shaw were being denied personal effects such as shoes due to their race. Some of these black soldiers who had joined the co mbat were former slaves. Despite having been soldiers for the primary purpose of participating in the battlefield, there was no awarding of black soldiers with a chance to do so. Instead, treatment as manual laborers was the order of the day. Another political notion offered by Rawls is that a society that is politically ideal is that in which there is some economic balance where those that are in socially unjust position are also able to live comfortably. This economic balance in a practical manner involves ensuring that the society is economically just where the haves and the have-nots get access to basic social amenities. In most communities, striking a balance in the distribution of resources among these two groups is considered a big challenge. The large gap existing evidences the situation between the wealthy and the have-nots. This gap between the rich and the have-nots continues to widen since the rich become richer while the poor become poorer. The disparity between the haves and the poor is because of the uneven sharing of resources. Among the needy in the society, there are fewer resources, and in other scenarios, these resources do not exist. The film Glory apparently pictures this kind of setup present in mos t communities. There is a major disparity in the economic resources at the disposal of the white soldiers and the black soldiers. Payments to the black soldiers are lesser than that of the white soldiers; where they get $10 in a month and their white counterparts receiving $13 during the same duration.[11] Also, the film depicts a picture where there is a subjection of harsh conditions on black soldiers. In totality, economic imbalance characterizes this society of members of the troops, which is the contrary of what Rawls advocated of a politically ideal society. Realism in the political angle as highlighted is not a new subject in general.[12] In a bid to make a comeback to the aspect of realism; one of the main areas eyed was the political philosophy and the normative political theory. Realism, in particular, is deeply entrenched in political philosophy.[13] In matters about the realism in political philosophy, it involves a roughly spoken manner. Besides that, its main area of interest is not in how people are supposed to act in an ideal or rational situation, what they are to vest their desires in or even the types of individuals they are meant to be. In fact, its primary interest is the operation of the social, economic or even political functions in a given community at a particular point in time. Another bestowed on the same is what moves members of this community to act in certain situations. There is a painting of this angle of realism in the film Glory. The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry is the particular circumstances at a p articular point in time of the members of the soldiers fraternity. Operations of the social, economic and political functions of the community of the troops depict realism in political philosophy. Socially, the black soldiers were considered to be in a cluster different from their white counterparts. There is outright discrimination in the job description, overall treatment, and even remunerations. The treatment of the black soldiers in this quarter was a clear reflection of the reigning political era. Therefore, fuelling of these actions against the black soldiers was by the federal government and the political class inclusive. The political ideas that Rawls had differed from the real situation that was on the ground. In fact, there was an intriguing disparity between political compliance and the political reality.[14] These emerging differences are the ultimate case scenarios in most situations and the one provided by the film Glory is no different. Shaw aggressively campaigned for the proper treatment of the black soldiers that he was commanding. Despite his desire for a perfect situation for these black soldiers, this would not be the case as the reality was that there was a deep entrenchment of racism in this particular society. In conclusion, there are standing differences in the political notion that Rawlings sought to communicate and the aspect of realism. There was a significant evidence of these different points in the film Glory. These differences provide a stable ground for the Rawls political notion and realism both on an independent framework. Bibliography Bell, Duncan. 2008. Political Thought and International Relations Bird, Colin. 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